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Mikai Book Case

One of Mikai's distinctive features is its invisible structure: the shelf attachment slots are not visible externally, giving the bookshelf a clean and minimalist appearance. This not only enhances its modern aesthetics but also eliminates the visual discomfort of prominent fastening elements, ensuring an elegant design. Mikai's versatility is a standout feature, making it exceptionally multifaceted. With two available sizes, this bookshelf easily adapts to various space requirements. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative use of two brackets, Mikai offers the possibility to accommodate MBox containers, providing smart storage space integrated directly into the structure. But the surprises don't end there. Mikai is designed to offer an even more comprehensive user experience. With the addition of a wooden top, the bookshelf can transform into a practical desk, adding a multifunctional element to your space's decor.


MBox, a compact-sized storage unit, embodies excellence in versatility and functionality. Designed to effortlessly adapt to various environments, such as homes and offices, this storage unit offers a wide range of configurations to meet your storage needs. Its flexibility is evident in the option to use MBox open or closed, providing a variety of presentation choices. The choice between a metal or wood fiber door allows you to personalize the aesthetics of the unit, adding style and character to your space. The interior of MBox provides additional customization opportunities, allowing the addition of one or more drawers made of metal or wood fiber. This feature optimizes internal space, enabling you to organize items efficiently and in a personalized manner. The distinctive feature of MBox is its flexibility in positioning. It can be easily wall-mounted, offering a suspended solution that maximizes floor space. Alternatively, the option of castors makes MBox easily transportable, while the feet ensure stability on various surfaces.

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