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MIX Metal Storage

Mix, with its modern design and thin, minimal lines, is an excellent storage solution that seamlessly integrates with the contemporary aesthetics of workspaces. Available in 9 distinct  metal colors, this cabinet offers versatility in customization to align with various stylistic preferences and existing furnishings.

The doors in this collection are designed to provide flexibility and variety. The choice between hinged and sliding doors allows one to adapt the cabinet to the specific space needs of the office. Moreover, the option to choose between wood fiber doors, available in 9 colors, or metal doors amplifies the range of stylistic options, allowing for the creation of a cohesive environment matching individual tastes and decor styles. A distinctive feature of this cabinet is the availability of sound-absorbing doors. This additional characteristic contributes to creating a quiet and comfortable work environment by reducing reverberation. This makes the cabinet particularly suitable for modern offices where tranquility and well-being of occupants are prioritized. The seamless integration with the York desk line highlights the stylistic coherence among office furnishings. The cabinet harmoniously complements the style of York desks, creating a unified and professional workspace.

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