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Forwell Furniture emerges as a company deeply rooted in the essence of the furniture industry. Its proprietor, Ms. Cinzia Pedicone, hails from a lineage of carpenters and stands as the founder of the Pedicone holding group. She also holds a significant stake in one of Europe's preeminent furniture clusters. 



When the fusion of elegance and functionality finds its embodiment, it goes by the name of Steelbox.

Presenting premium design and unparalleled quality within our Italian-crafted acoustic panels, these panels stand distinguished for their patented ZenSoundshaper® technology. This innovation not only guarantees optimal sound absorption but also seamlessly integrates a bespoke design into your surroundings. Devoted to sustainability, our Acoustic Panels are entirely composed of recycled materials, reflecting our commitment to preserving the environment while enhancing your acoustic experience... find out more

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