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Zen Soundshaper® - Acoustic Solution

The patented Zen SoundShaper® panel stands out in the market due to its unique technological features. Unlike many other products, Steelbox has enhanced the acoustic capabilities of the primary material, polyester, by incorporating a fireproof honeycomb insert covering up to 50% of its surface. This honeycomb structure, filled with air, significantly aids in reducing acoustic reverberation.


Certified as Class A for acoustic performance at 1 KHZ, speech frequency, this panel ensures exceptional absorption. Coefficient of absorption (α - NRC) 0.97/1

Amb_palo SN01.jpg

The most important features of Patented Panels Zen Sound Shaper®

  • International patent

  • BS2D0 Fire certified

  • A class for a range of 3 frequencies (α - NRC 0.97/1)

  • Sustainable, made of recycled polyester and covered with Trevira CS® 

  • Zen App  to calculate the quantity of panels needed for acoustic wellness with professional precision

Zen Soundshaper®  is a large collection of panels to position on wall, or ceiling, desking and free standing. They can be used in school, office, auditorium and public spaces. The wide choice of supports and the capacity of the company to adapt and create customized supports is what offers to the Forwell's Clients the flexibility they deserve during their negotiations. Learn More

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